Tom & Jerry Device
Northumbria University

Wearable tech to prolong the independence of an individual with dementia.

Two devices which locate one another, tom and jerry. Devices show the direction of the other and the distance between them. One device is left at home, the other taken out. The aim of the devices is to prolong an individual with dementia’s independence by assuring them that if they get lost when out walking or  running errands, they can find their way home (a common issue experienced by inidividuals with dementia).


The device’s colour is the only element referening the cartoon charactors they are named after. The name refers to  the fact the devices are a pair and are nothing without one another.

One device left on hook (Tom), an individual with dementia takes other device out (jerry). If needed, individual can refer to jerry  device to point to tom to find the distance from and direction to home. 

If an individual with dementia  has been out longer than anticipated, carer or loved one at home can use device left on hook to find how far away they are and in what direction. (See app and website for finding exact location) 

When an individual with dementia goes out with dementia goes out to a busy environment with their carer or loved one, each can have a device in case they lose 

one another.

An individual reference code (found on the device’s docking hook) allows a carer or loved one of an individual with dementia to find the exact location of both tom  and jerry devices. Useful for peace of mind that the individual is home or at a familiar location. This would be more useful in the later stages of the disease.


The website works in the same way as the app, individual inserts the device’s unique reference code (instrustions given on where to find it) and tom and jerry’s location is dsplayed on the map.