David Fincher Film Retrospective
Northumbria University

I have created a retrospective screening of four of director David Fincher’s films, namely ZODIAC, GONE GIRL, BENJAMIN BUTTON and SE7EN, promoting it entirely through the power of type. The screening is themed around mental illness.

In each of the films, the main character can be viewed as being directly afflicted by mental illness. This I have identified for each film and summerised their plots in terms of the individual mental illness.

SE7EN – A schizophrenic’s biblical justification and enjoyment of exploiting the seven deadly sins.


BENJAMIN BUTTON – An exploration of the life of an individual with leukodstrophy*.

 *Leukodystrophy is a neurological disease which affects the brain, nervous system and the spinal cord. It is sometimes reffered to as the Benjamin Button disease as it can cause the     individual’s mind to revert back to that of a child.

GONE GIRL – A psychopath’s coping mechanism for marital disatisfaction.


ZODIAC – A sociopath turns his murderous tendancies into a sadistic game.