Greene King IPA Re-brand 
Northumbria University
A re-brand of a tiered Greene King’s Indian Pale Ale to break into a new market; pairing ale with food in a manner only previously done with wine. The ale is branded towards this younger (aged 18-35) and predominantly male market who have driven the `gastro-pub’ trend where a trip to the pub is as much about the eating experience as the drinking. The story of The Greene King and the three officers is still to this day upon the wall of the ruins of the famous abbey in St Edmunds at which the ale was originally brewed by monks in 1020. 

I chose to re-brand an ale due to the increasing cask ale market attracting a more diverse range of consumers. The standard 'lad' of the 1980's and 90's is aging, and his grown up children are looking for something a little more interesting than the beer dad drank. I chose Greene King to re-brand as aesthetically the IPA's branding blends into the background of generic, tiered looking ales.